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Probing Uranus Is Now A Top Priority In The Space Community

 Yep, you heard that right – the space science community is keen on probing Uranus. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me, I’m just the messenger here.

In all seriousness, a new report compiled by space scientists in the US says it’s important that the ice giant Uranus is subject to probing. They seem to think it’s a top priority for space exploration in the next decade.

A concept for a mission has been created. The mission suggests a spacecraft would be sent into orbit around Uranus, and a probe would then enter the planet’s atmosphere. This mission could launch as soon as the early 2030s if work starts soon.

Scientists hope this probing mission will reveal unexplored facts about this mysterious world. Currently, only one spacecraft has ever been there – the Voyager 2. It managed to discover new moons and rings around the planet, but then drifted off into space. R.I.P.

Scientists have to carefully choose which projects they should prioritize. It takes a long time to pull off missions like this potential probing, so it’s important that they don’t focus on things that aren’t as vital.

Apparently, the Uranus mission was suggested back in 2011, but it was only the third priority behind a Mars rover and a spacecraft studying Jupiter’s moon Europa. The Mars rover landed in February 2021, and the Europa Clipper is set to launch in October 2024.


Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey

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